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Sneakers: A love story

FashionKelly Kennedy

When sneakers started sweeping the street wear images a couple years ago I hated the look. I thought it looked disconnected, a nice well thought out look with casual sneakers to finish it off. But somehow my sentiments towards this look has completely transformed into love in the past year. Now I see this casual footwear as an exclamation point to an outfit instead of an ellipsis. 

On top of this trend adding a casual vibe to an other wise possible stuffy outfit they're also so much more comfortable than typical fashionable shoes. When I was younger I barely thought about the pain in my feet at the end of a day but as I get older this has become so much more important to me. Sky-high ankle boots are just not practical for a woman who has to walk almost a mile to commute to work.  Even more practical fashion-y shoes like flats can give me blisters with the daily walk to the train.


I love wearing sneakers with menswear inspired look; tailored blazers, trousers and button up shirts. But I think they also look great with the right feminine looking outfit, a beautiful flowing skirt topped off my casual sneakers is almost like a wink was added to the outfit.  I'm hoping to grow my sneaker collection much larger in the next couple years. Below are the ones I have my eyes on now.