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Style Inspiration: Olsen Twins

FashionKelly Kennedy

They're great designers but in my heart they have even better style. The actresses have taken over the fashion world with their laid back and polished style (somehow it's both, trust me). This post is going to be a collection of my favorite looks of theirs and will hopefully bring you as much style inspiration as it's brought me.

Most of their style does revolve around the color black and I'm ok with that. Black doesn't require much attention from the viewer or the wearer and it goes well with almost every color. I don't care if it's boring or depressing at times, it always looks cool and by far my favorite color to wear.  I know the twins share my sentiment. 

Another great example of black ensembles. I love the mixture of texture Ashely is wearing with the cotton turtleneck and satin dress over it. This photo also highlights their simple makeup and hair choices. Their looks tend to feel laid back because of their styling finishing touches like a simple low bun and barely there make up. 


I love their outfits that include slouchy long layers like this one. When fashion is unsexy I think it becomes even more interesting, because it puts a focus on the textiles and make of pieces. These also show how their accessories are what can truly make their outfits. Without Ashely's scarf or Mary Kate's bag these outfits would really have fallen flat.


Another example of unfussy slouchy layers with easily put together details. I especially love how Ashley ( I think it's Ashely, not perfect at telling them apart) uses a scarf as a shawl over her sholders. 

These last few images really show how their styles consists of simple, well made pieces that are elevated through their accessories and simple beauty choices.  I love to revist their style every once in a while to ground me back to what I hope to acheive one day.