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100 Day Project: Progress

DesignKelly Kennedy

Day 38 out of 100 and I wanted to share my progress on the blog. I'm going to be honest, I've missed days, not many, but I have. I have continued to not demand I finish a poster each day, just work on it and I think the pieces I've made sense have been better quality.

When I started this project I expected to  grow my portfolio and start a habit of making every day, but I didn't expect to see much improvement in my skills as a designer. I was wrong! I can already see how I'm better at placing things on the page and my illustration skills are slowly improving (nowhere near where I want to be, but that will take time).  

This round up of posters is a grouping I did leading up to Halloween of scary (or Halloween themed) movie posters, click through to see them all!.