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Bookshelves: How to

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I LOVE BOOKS, I love fiction, none fiction, coffee table books, novels, classics and new, I love them all. Even though I now have (thanks to my late grandpa) a Kindle, I still buy physical books because I love holding them and they make great interior decoration. I'm a sucker for multi use objects. 

It can be tricky to display books and have it look intentional because of all the different sizes and colors, book displays can end up looking messy. I've rounded up a couple ways to rethink how to organize these objects in your home so they're just as pretty to look at as interesting to read. 


1. Color coordinating 


Grouping the same colored spines in a book shelf can add so much interest! It doesn't even have to be a rainbow, I have a shelf of just white books in my book case. I have a hard time with certain colors (like I only have one bright yellow book) so this isn't the perfect solution for all your books in most cases. Which brings me to my next trick...

2. Turn them around

Turn those books around! Or to the side to create a harmonious color look. It looks so beautiful in monochromatic homes and I love seeing the different shades of creamy yellow in each book. Turnign them to their side can also acheive this look, but that really doesn't look great inside a book case, only if stacking them on the floor, table or window sill. 


3. Stack them


This type of precarious stacking only works if you have a bunch of books you don't need access to often. And if you have lots of hard cover books, but it adds so much interest to a room! I like the idea of using really large books to create a night stand as well.


4. Bookshelf decorating 


There are so many ways to change just a book case/ shelf into a decoration piece. You can use all the ideas we've talked about so far but you can also add interest by adding none book items. I love the addition of picture frames, small sculptures and plants. I don't think a lot of money needs to be invested into these none book items, I personally use candles and beautiful pottery that I already have. 

You can also add interest through how you display the items. You can do this through color (color coordinating or turning the books around like we talked about above) but you can also do this through form.  Organize the books by size and create a "v" like in the book shelves above. Or you can change the status quo and stack them like in the image below. 


5. Create a book wall


This is MUCH more of an investment than the other ideas but how dreamy is an entire wall of books? I hope to one day have a house with this.  You can use all the ideas above in a wall of books to creat visual interest, or keep to one look, there are so many choices with that much space.

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