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I'm embarking on yet another huge move across the country and preparing myself to make new friends again. I'm actually not that concerned though because I have a good idea of what making friends in a new city looks like and with technology it's not that daunting of a task! I've rounded up some of my favorite making friends tips, hope this makes it easier to make friends if you're moving or even if you're staying in the same city looking to expand your circle!

1. Bumble BFF

Best thing that has come out of the online dating apps is Bumble BFF. It's the exact same thing as Bumble but only for people looking for friends. It's AWKWARD, I'm not going to lie. You will go on friends dates that will be so boring they will feel like an eternity, but it's worth it because I have met some of the coolest people through there. 

My tip for an easy going friend date, plan a big group meet up if possible. I had a friend I was meeting up with through the app do this and I ended up making a bunch of friends that night because of it.


2. Meetups 

I think most people have heard of Meetups but I don't know how many people have tried it. I love this as a method to make friends because you're going to meet people with the same interests as you! I have plenty of friends that share my niche interests, but few share them all. So when I started to become more interested in healthy eating and didn't have a friend to bounce cool home recipes off of I looked to Meetups to see if there was a group for this (there wasn't but maybe I'll make one!). 

3. Join a club

There are so many more clubs out there then you think, running clubs, game clubs, movie clubs, running clubs, knitting circles, the list goes on. A lot of these can be found on Meetups but you can also find local stores that have their own clubs. There was a knitting store in my old neighborhood that had a very information knitting club, just come any Saturday you want, sit on the couch and knit for however long you want. I love that type of community that can come from a shared goal in mind. 


4. Volunteer 

Volunteering is so great to meet friends because typically the coolest people volunteer. My favorite organization (for meeting friends and for my political interests) is Planned Parenthood. Some of the most interesting people volenteer for that organization because it gets so much publicity and their interests align with so many others. I would suggest going for an organization that really aligns with your values and you will meet people you like.