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Minimalist Interiors: How To

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About a month ago I moved from a tight one bedroom apartment to a spacey two! It has been so wonderful to have the extra room but it's also added a decorating challenge. All my walls in my old apartment were covered in art and gallery walls, but now I have too many walls and too little art to create the same effect. The same goes for my furniture, there just isn't enough to fill the whole space. In the future I hope to slowly collect more art and furniture for the space but I don't want to invest on anything right now.

My solution to this decor problem has been to consider a more minimalist decorative look with the pieces I have. This can be difficult because it means every piece has to be placed perfectly and should be beautiful on it's own. I've collected a couple images below that have helped me create the minimalist look in my home. Notice all the white wall space left un adorned and the simple decorations that mostly include plants. I hope to share my new apartment on the blog once all the decorations are complete.