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Gyms: A Breakup Story

LifestyleKelly Kennedy

I've always loved going to the gym, as long as I can remember. For my 13th birthday I remember asking my mom if I could join her at the gym as my present. Before I had my license in my early high school years I joined my parents at the gym regularly. 


Fast forward a couple years and I have my license so I can go the gym alone, I felt so alive and independent. I would go almost every day, even before high school ( I was never part of any sports team, so this was my excercise). 


Then in college I started to learn more about overall health from my mentor/ boss. She taught me to really pay attention to my body and what it was telling me I needed. This changed the way I looked at food and exercise. 

I started to spend more time running because it felt great, and less time at the gym, which bored me. After years of this my body started aching when I ran, so I injected some yoga and at that I found the perfect balance for my body; yoga, gym and running. I would still go to the gym to have access to the weights. 


Recently I moved and now I live too far from a gym for me to justify a membership, this would be the first time in about a decade I wouldn't have access to a gym and it weirdly didn't scare me. I continued to run and do yoga. I also replaced the weights I did at the gym with calisthenics. 

It's the happiest I've been with my workout routine in my entire life. I love finding new ways to fit in a work out. Trying new things like renting a bicycle to ride around the city, taking walks around my neighborhood and recently I've been doing ClassPass which has allowed me to try different class workouts. 

I'm sure one day I'll get a gym membership but right now I love the flexibility of working out when I want and how I want without worrying about if I'm wasting money on a membership.