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Style Inspiration: Carrie Bradshaw

FashionKelly Kennedy

After moving to NYC recently I got hit with this huge urge to just binge watch Sex And The City, which is exactly what I've been doing. Aside from some of the disappointing un-feminist story lines I'm absolutely adoring this show. And Carrie has giving me a new found bold approach to my wardrobe. I'm only in season 2 but I've seen later episodes and here are some of my favorite outfits along with style pointers I've learned from her.

1. Fur

sex and the city 30.jpg

I've said this before and I'll say it again, unfussy hair makes any outfit look laid back. I appreciate the combination of bohemian layered necklaces with a fur jacket, it feels very '70's. Also, I'm braiding my hair as we speak to acheive this 'do. 

sex and the city 80.jpg

Ending the night at dawn is always a good choice, but also high wasted pink pants, peasant top and fur jacket, who would have thought of such an amazing outfit? So unexpected and so perfect for a night out dancing.

Because the absolute best place to wear fur is a ball game, I will no longer not dress up for sporting events. This outfit is also making me reconsider aviators, just like the unkept hair it keeps outfits from looking too formal.

2. Scarves as shawls 

sex and the city 90.jpg

The perfect solution to summer air conditioning, scarves! You can wear them around your arms to keep warm and look extremely chic. Carrie took full advantage of this during season 1 and 2. (Again with the aviators, sigh)

sex and the city 111.jpg

I couldn't find a great full outfit image of this one but she was wearing a little black dress with this loosely knit scarf/ shawl, mixing laid back style with special ocasion wear is a must do.

sex and the city 74.jpg

The colors! So beautiful, lovely spring look.

3. Don't be afraid to show off that bod

sex and the city 212.jpg

Sarah Jessica Parker's bod was (and still is) rockin' during SATC. I loved the outfits that were really body hugging to show off her curves, clothing can be very sexy and still look fashionable. 

sex and the city 215.jpg

Loving this classic silhouette in a beautiful blue hue  

sex and the city 212.jpg

What an iconic fashion moment, I'm diggin' it. 

sex and the city 192.jpg

So in conclusion Carrie Bradshaw has taught me how to be a little bolder when I get dressed and also not take fashion too seriously.