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Winter To Do List

LifestyleKelly Kennedy

Winter can be tough but I think if you take moments to appreciate what it brings it doesn't have to feel a depressing. Coming from New Hampshire I've learned lots of ways to enjoy the colder months. There are plenty of things to do outside and great excuses to explore the great indoors as well. This list below is what I want to achieve before the season is done...

  1. Bake the best loaf of bread which would ideally include some whole grains. I've yet to find the best recipe though
  2. Go skiing
  3. Have a Hot Tottie by a fire ( I hear this hotel's bar is great for that)
  4. Knit a sweater
  5. Ice skating at Rockefeller Plaza 
  6. I haven't been back to New Hampshire in years, but maybe this winter I'll go see this.