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Summer To Do List

LifestyleKelly Kennedy

Every summer I'm overcome with the possibilities of how to soak up the fleeting good weather while it lasts. As soon as early June hits my natural hurried disposition melts into a leisurely peacefulness.  Instead of taking the train, I'll spend hours strolling home through unexplored neighborhoods. Gone are the outings where I cross off THE most things on my to-do list and they're replaced with destination-less excursions that have no time limit. Below is a list of things I plan to do this season to take advantage of this peacefully adventurist spirit I have.

  1. Take a commuter trail upstate for a day hike. I have my eye on
  2. Bake a gilette from scratch with fresh berries
  3. No question I'm going to watch an outdoor movie in the city, the question is which one?
  4. Sit in Prospect Park on a sunny day soaking up the sun in this reading that
  5. Having flowers in the house every damn day.
  6. Creating the perfect picnic and enjoying it in central park
  7. Catching Shakespear in the park
  8. Spending a day at the beach.