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100 Day Project: Progress

DesignKelly Kennedy

Day 38 out of 100 and I wanted to share my progress on the blog. I'm going to be honest, I've missed days, not many, but I have. I have continued to not demand I finish a poster each day, just work on it and I think the pieces I've made sense have been better quality.

When I started this project I expected to  grow my portfolio and start a habit of making every day, but I didn't expect to see much improvement in my skills as a designer. I was wrong! I can already see how I'm better at placing things on the page and my illustration skills are slowly improving (nowhere near where I want to be, but that will take time).  

This round up of posters is a grouping I did leading up to Halloween of scary (or Halloween themed) movie posters, click through to see them all!. 

100 Day Project : Progress

DesignKelly Kennedy

I've been doing the 100 Day Project for 12 days now and I love it. It really is forcing me to create work even when I don't want to. My only concern is that creating a poster every day is making me rush through the work, because I don't have time every day to create a wonderful poster. The reason I'm doing this project is to improve my graphic design skills and while the first couple days I could feel myself learning, now I feel like I'm taking the easy way out most days to save time. I've stunted my learning. 

Because of this I've decided to work on posters every day and at a minimum make one a week. This way I can explore new techniques and continue to progress my learning. You can see all my posters here but please enjoy my favorite piece so far below.


100 Day Project: Day 1

DesignKelly Kennedy

Have you heard of the 100 Day Project? You commit to doing one thing (baking, sewing, drawing, ect) every day for 100 days. This weekend I decided to do this project and use it to help build my graphic design portfolio. So I'm going to make 100 posters over the next 100 days.

Day one poster is above and it's a poster for the project. I'm looking forward to using this project to learn more about graphic design and improve my visual communication skills. Stay posted for more, I plan to post all the posters here.