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Alexa Chung

Style Inspiration: Alexa Chung

FashionKelly Kennedy

Fashion ideas can come from many places, I typically get mine from stylish woman I see in my life and online or from fictional characters on tv or in movies. I want to do a series of posts shouting out to the inspirations I've found in my life. I'm starting off this series with the original style inspration for me; Alexa Chung


Alexa is a model/ tv host/ writer/designer/ DJ and I first discovered her in 2010 when an ex boyfriend became obsessed with the Arctic Monkeys and told me about the lead singers girlfriend of the time. I poured over images and interviews with her, trying to break down what made her style so great and it has had a huge effect on my wardrobe ever since. 


What has always drawn me to her is that her style seems so obtainable. I can recreate most of her outfits with little tweaks and still have the same feeling. This approachability of her style comes from her never looking too... anything. When she is wearing some sexy or girly dress she will top if off with sneakers or loafers to make the ansamble more masculine. Short skirts are paired with high necklines, t-shirts with high heels and her make up and hair are never too over done. 


Chung has been quoted saying she doesn't think her style is anything special, she's just a hipster and maybe that's true. However I can stair at images of her outfits for hours and still not get enough. 

Thankfully she's done tons of collaborations with brands over the years (Madewell and AG Jeans to name a few) so obtaining her style can be very easy. However, more recently she has started her own collection. And God has answered my prayers. It's pretty expensive but these pieces are exactly what I've seen her wear over the years, so it might be worth the splurge?