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Call Me By Your Name

Style Inspiration: Call Me By Your Name

FashionKelly Kennedy

Call Me By Your name is a recent obsession of mine, very few movies are so poetic but at the same time hold all of my attention as I watch. On top of the wonderful storyline and charming characters there is a beautiful styling to the costumes.  I heard the stylist even borrowed vintage cloths from locals to create the costumes. 

Since finishing the movie I've found myself drawing inspiration from different scenes while getting dressed and I've also noticed some street styles I see reminding me of the movie's costumes. Lets break down exactly how to create this look.


Lets start off by analyzing the style of Elio; the main character.  He rocks a good amount of light washed jeans with either button ups or polos. Mostly, he sticks to pastel colored tops in looser fits, which leaves him looking laid back. The way to accessorize? Add some Ray Bands, a bike and/or a book. 

I also idolize the "face" shirt he wears in the last scene over a turtleneck, it really reminds me of some Stella McCartney prints. It's also important to note how fly his dance moves are.


Oliver (Elio's love interest) inspired me a little less than Elio. Mostly his shorts (love a good short short on men) and his sneakers. Absolutely buying this exact pair once I need to replace the pair I have now.


The women of Call Me By Your Name also inspired my style. Mostly Marzia (Elio's other love interest) and Annella ( his mother). Marzia wore lots of dresses and jump suits that are by far the easiest way to look pulled together with minimal effert. 

Annella has so many amazing style moments. First there is the Canadian tuxedo with tight denim skirt , then that exact skirt with an oversized beige blazer and woven bag and lastly the over sized shorts with waste belt. Her style is totally timeless, I could picture her in the 50's or present day in any and all of these outfits, so chic and understated. 


The takeaway I have from the styling of Call Me By Your Name is that the 80's can be done in a classic chic way and summer wear can be laid back and look pulled together at the same time with the right pieces.