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Lakeview/ Lincoln Park

Lakeview/ Lincoln Park

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City Adventures 

After living in this city for a year now I feel the need to get a better feel for it's neighborhoods so I'm going to explore them on the weekends and give a little info on what I learned in these posts. 

Today I started in Lincoln Park and then ended in Lakeview. Right when I got into Lincoln Park I had a Glazed and Infused donut, thankfully this wasn't my taste of their donuts but it's still noteworthy. I highly recommend this donut shop, they're all over the city, not specific to this neighborhood. I then window shopped a couple different stores that caught my eye including Art Effect, The Tie Bar, Foxtrot Market and Vosges Haut Chocolate.  The Art Effect is great for gift giving, they have brands that are very much in style right now ( was around ever corner). The Tie Bar was a nice curated collection of mens clothing with a beautiful interior. Foxtrot Market caught my eye because it was attached to Jeni's Ice Cream (yummmmmm!), it had a small collection of high end food that made me want live off of $20 chocolate bars and $8 loaves of bread. Lastly Vosges Haut Chocolate had the most beautiful selection of chocolate and chocolate truffles I've seen since moving to Chicago, I can't wait to visit again when I have more of an apatite for rich chocolate. 

I then took the train four stops to Lakeview, kind of near Boystown. My first stop was at Belmont Army and I spend a good hour on the top floor which is entirely vintage. It was one of those vintage shops that had affordable prices and you had to search to find anything.  This would be a great stop for anyone looking for a costume. My last stop on the adventure was at La Boulangerie where I had two french macaroons (lemon poppy seed and salted caramel) and a chai tea while I read my book. The french macaroons were wonderful, soft and moist and full of flavor. The chai tea was from a mix, so it was average. 

All in all I really enjoyed these neighborhoods, they aren't my favorite in Chicago but I can certainly imagine going back, mostly to try more food though.