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Tassels and Pom Poms: A Love Story

FashionKelly Kennedy

I'm so happy pom poms and tassels are on trend right now because they add so much whimsy to a piece and they're SO easy to make. I'll make a tutorial for each soon but right now I wanted to make an apprecatiation post that also includes my favorite pieces to buy right now (no surprise it's mostly Anthro goods).

I love how great pom poms look with flats and heels. You can add them to any shoe by purchasing pom pom clips (available here). 

Tassel earnings are the bees knees and that is a fact. There's not much to say other then they're just so much fun and go with almost anything. Anthro has a great selection but my favorites are here.


Tassels and pom poms lend themselves very well to accessories. Take this purse or hat, their like the cherry on top of the outfit. 


I also really like tassels and pom poms in the home. I created a pom pom garland that frames my front door and brings me joy every time I come home. I want to try to create a wall hanging that draws inspiration from this one, it's so beautiful.

Another way to incorporate pom poms and tassels in the home is to attach them to pillows! Once you know how to make these accessories you can sew them onto the corners, along the sides or even on the front of a pillow for added decoration. Obviously you can also buy a pillow with them already attached, like this one.